Stella McCartney dance party! Photo: Imaxtree

Stella McCartney dance party! 

Stella McCartney debuted her spring 2017 collection during Paris Fashion Week on Monday with a finale to trump every social-media-friendly finale from the past month. The models arrived onto the catwalk dancing in unison to an upbeat dance track. They started with a picked-up walking pace with energetic hand motions and then transitioned into a full-on choreographed performance. 

And while we usually find ourselves poking fun at models dancing, this was truly enjoyable to watch, especially since the models were having just as much fun as the show's audience. Obviously, there was plenty of documentation on social media.

Stella McCartney revealed her new women’s Spring 2017 collection at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London. The collection features men’s workwear inspired looks, loose lace garments, complex cutting, long yet lightweight shapes, as well as Western inspired insignia, printed dogs, dots, and stripes.

Irreverent style created by freedom and energy; clashing shapes and textures in unexpected ways. High meets low, hard meets soft and sports meets romance as the Stella woman embraces her eloquent individuality.

Show Review: Stella McCartney Spring 2017

In an industry that is notoriously snobbish and uptight, Stella McCartney oft provides the cheerful and carefree moments that remind us all that fashion should be fun. This season was no exception, with a choreographed dance-off between her cast of supermodels: howling, shouting, and shaking in clothes that were clearly made for the dance floor.


PARIS, France — It truly is a year to stand up and be counted, so it’s no surprise fashion has acquired a taste for The Message this season. Like Stella McCartney on Monday morning. “Fur Free” and “Leather Free” are longtime commitments of hers. There was a more generic tone to “Thanks Girls” and “All is Love”, but you could hardly pillory Stella for that. There’s scarcely anyone else in the industry with her activist track record.

And she actually made those trite messages come alive with a finale which saw her models joyously choreographed in a conga-line celebration of girl power. Not an Old Spice in sight…this felt real! “Sometimes you’ve got to spell it out,” McCartney said post-show. “And we have a lot to say.”

That “lot to say” hasn’t always translated into the clothes, and it was kind of like that today. There are always bits of a Stella collection that have a spunky new visual interest. Monday’s paper-bag-waist detailing, with the corseted tops? Kicky! Everything to do with Ultrasuede, the wonder fabric that looks like skin and machine-washes like cotton? Marvellous! The banker’s stripe shirt dresses? Well, who hasn’t done that to their partner’s professional drag?

Then off we went into the claggy world of putting words on clothes.

One way has always been surf. McCartney is savvy enough to know that scuba can swallow a multitude of linguistic transgressions. Pair that with popper sandals and you’ve won yourself an edge. But all those graphic typefaces piled up on top of each other brought to mind the acid tongue of New York humorist Fran Lebowitz: “If people don't want to hear from you, what makes you think they want to hear from your sweater?” Fact is, Stella will use any platform.


Stella McCartney’s models came out for their finale, arms outstretched, hands flapping, the start of an upbeat dance choreographed by Blanca Li. It divided the girls into two urban tribes — sort of like Sharks and Jets, only female, and playful in squaring off because, well, why fight? The celebratory gumption — including the range of tush-shaking abilities on display — coerced smiles from even the grumpiest of 10 a.m. Grumpy Gus types in the audience. It was, to use a descriptive infrequently invoked about fashion shows, fun. And not in the way that going to fashion shows on the worst day is fun as opposed to, say, doing your taxes or having a root canal, but deliberate, unapologetic fun of the sort appropriate to beautiful, well turned-out young women with their whole lives ahead of them. McCartney’s reason for this most atypical of curtain calls: “girl power.”

Girl power rooted in the power of positive thinking, “capturing the spirit of life and love in the spirit of summer,” she wrote in her program notes. On the runway, the premise erupted in a conflux of ideas — tribal meets athletic meets men’s wear meets corsetry — delivered with a cohesion that belied the far-flung references. McCartney has a knack for incorporating a lot of fashion almost slyly, while keeping the attitude light and approachable. These were not simple clothes; some pushed flagrantly in terms of volume and silhouette.

As always, McCartney offered options. On the polished side, corseted cottons with shoulder volume via either structure or exaggerated sleeves came in glam day dresses and shirts with paperbag waists. Ath-leisure took a performance turn in great-looking scuba-inspired swimsuits worn as sportswear with pants and shirts. On the tribal side, washed burlaps and muslins became dresses that fell from necklines ruched with an artisanal hand, creating an inviting ripple effect. As for pants: genie pants that worked, including a pair in the palest pink worn with a loose knit tank. And that utilitarian jumpsuit — could it have been suede? What do you think? These many years after Halston made it famous, Ultrasuede can still strut with style.

On the Ultrasuede front (sort of), the message of this collection wasn’t only of the fashion sort (i.e. feel good in your clothes): McCartney applied her spirit of life and love to messaging. Many of the pieces flashed “no fur” and “no leather” along with “all is love” and “thanks, girls.” It didn’t feel a bit sanctimonious, perhaps because the slogans were delivered in prints far more imaginative than a basic message T. Life, love and fashion. What’s not to smile about?


The feel-good moment of Paris Fashion Week came at Stella McCartney this morning. Her delightful show finished with a dance-off choreographed by Blanca Li and starring the designer’s gorgeous model squad, who whooped, hollered, and shimmied in a collection designed to move in. McCartney has always made the most of her femaleness, creating clothes that work for real life. A longtime vegetarian who neither wears leather or fur nor makes her label in them, she’s gone much further than most brands to reduce her company’s carbon footprint. In a season of slogan T-shirts, she put her passions front and center. Sliced-and-diced oversize tees, dresses, and all-in-ones announced: Girls Thanks, and No Fur, No Leather. In the spirit of the season, she even sent out a couple of stretchy lace evening looks embroidered with her positive messaging; they were charming where some other attempts have felt preachy.
A woman can’t live on statement T-shirts alone, of course, and McCartney knows it. There was news on the tailoring front, which made use of corsetry detailing yet didn’t look uptight or constricting, thanks, first, to the cotton fabric she used and, second, the compensating volume she added to the rounded shoulders of jackets and in the generous proportions of her paper bag–waist trousers. A section of blanket dressing kept that relaxed, “I’ve thought about my outfit, but it isn’t the only thing preoccupying me” spirit going, as did the slouchy Ultrasuede jumpsuit and the oversize, patchworked men’s shirts. Points for the denim-look knits, as well. Eagle-eyed observers clocked McCartney’s husband, Alasdhair Willis, rocking a slick double-breasted jacket and trousers with a workwear vibe in the front row. The label inside? Stella McCartney. Her new menswear collection gets its official debut next month.


Function and the depth and breadth of femininity have always been cornerstones of McCartney’s brand, as have her vegetarianism and eradication of all fur and leather designs in both the closets of her own personal wardrobe and those of her company. She plainly put her interests on display with jumpsuits, t-shirts, and frocks with emblazoned graphics including, “No Leather”, “No Fur”, and “Thanks Girls”. The designs were completely in your face, captivating, and a practical way to present your activism.





But that wasn’t all the brand served up, naturally. The collection opened with whittled, corseted waists juxtaposed against capacious paper bag-waist trousers: a heck of a look if ever there was one.





That gave way to sumptuous and effortless knits that felt completely laid-back and self-possessed simultaneously. As happens at least a few times a season with McCartney’s designs, the proportions weren’t always flattering, but the wearer will certainly feel amazing and comfortable.





And if you’re looking for ways to wear an extra long scarf (or blanket in the brand’s case), don’t worry about wrapping it around your neck: you can just casually sport it on your shoulder like the runway instructed.





Accessories are big business for McCartney, but many of the accoutrements on display admittedly missed the mark. Snap-accented kitten heels were dowdy at best and the shape of the retro-inspired cat eye shades may not work for most face shapes. But the wooden jewelry did play with great design, as did the sumptuous leather bags, and playful stone earrings.






Stars like Heidi Klum and Beyoncé have gravitated towards the brand for more casual attire, thus we’ll have our eyes peeled for the exact designs they choose from this collection. The denim looks are sure to be a big hit, along with the sporty chic pieces that can easily be elevated with pumps and statement-making baubles.







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Stella McCartney x Canon Limited Edition Linda Camera Bag

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Oh gosh, I always get excited when I see fashion meets technology. And especially when two great brands collaborate together, I know something really awesome will be spurting out.

Stella McCartney has been dating with Canon and together they worked day-and-night in the laboratory to release the Limited Edition ‘Linda Camera Bag’. It’s a flashy and sexy thing, fully painted in baby yellow and baby blue. It’s a super cute thing that you will want to have in your accessory.

Oh and given that it is limited, to be exact only 1,000 pieces will be produced, you will be the only few that has the opportunity to adore it.

And oh oh, did you know that the camera bag will be sold together with the Canon EOS 100D white DSLR camera. Capture two must-haves in one. It’s also the smallest DSLR in the world.

Linda is the name of Stella McCartney’s mother, inspired by her memories of capturing moment in photographs when she was travelling the world with her parents.

Basically the Linda Camera Bag can be used as an everyday bag, even tough the design is rather sophisticated. It’s embellished with the Stella McCartney logo signature tag, it also comes with an adjustable strap so you wear it over your shoulder or on your shoulder. You can also carry it by hand, using the handles.


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Stella McCartney Ciel Buckle Faux-Leather Crossbody Bag: Buckle Love

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Stella McCartney Ciel Buckle Faux-Leather Crossbody Bag

Sometimes an unhesitant way with proportion play is enough to make a relatively simple crossbody bag feel extraordinary. Stella McCartney’s alarmingly oversized buckle may seem like a bit much at first, but trust me: it will grow on you. And in time, you’ll be seeing it on everyone.

The Ciel Buckle bag comes in the perfect size for effortless days. With a separate, narrow compartment stored right under the flap, as well as a slide pocket that’s perfect for storing your phone in the back (sometimes you want your phone tucked safely inside your bag, and other times you need instant access, via a back pocket), it has your convenience in mind. Stella’s “Eco Alter Nappa” is as good as faux leather gets, so good I don’t mind the real leather-level price, and I love this shade of cool, washed-out blue. It reads as light blue, off-white, or pale gray, depending on what you wear with it. This mini bag has the versatility of a chameleon with major personality. Stella McCartney bag

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Behati Prinsloo is Very Excited to Be Out and About in Stella McCartney Creepers

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Here’s Behati Prinsloo, actively engaging with the paps while out and about in NYC where she’s probably doing some press in advance of next week’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show taping. She’s wearing a bold, tri-color pair of Stella McCartney Faux Leather Creepers. If you’re intrigued by these creepers, you can find Behati’s exact pair for $995

These Stella McCartneys are a recent celeb fave; we saw Janelle Monae wearing a similar, cut-out version of Stella McCartney creepers last month during Paris Fashioon Week. If you’re also curious about Behati’s little black handbag, it’s a Balenciaga Cable Bag, which you can find for$1,785


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The Stella McCartney 3Chain Bag Silicone iPhone 6 Case is a surefire way to rise to the occasion! We know for a fact that our smartphones (or iPhones, for that matter) are very important and dear to us, and what’s a better way of sporting something of great importance than with a stylish, designer case, right? You bet!

Just a short note, though – this piece is intended for iPhone 6 units, not for iPhone 6 Plus. Anyway, this piece is made with silicone, making it highly flexible and resistant to wear and impact. It really keeps your phone intact because of its highly resilient material. Also, it is adorned with gold colored metal hardware and has a detachable metal chain shoulder strap, which allows you to wear it in different ways (as a clutch, on your shoulders or as a beautiful crossbody). Surely, nobody does it better than Stella McCartney!

You can get your very own Stella McCartney 3Chain Bag Silicone iPhone 6 Case for $330 USD or €200 EUR via Luisa Via Roma.



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Janelle Monae Looks Stunning at Paris Fashion Week in Stella McCartney Shoes

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Janelle Monae is basically the toast of Paris Fashion Week, for reasons that should be completely obvious. Here she is attending the Stella McCartney Spring 2016 show in Paris in a pair of faux leather Stella McCartney Platform Creepers. This cutout version isn’t currently available (we’re guessing they are from Stella’s Resort or Spring 2016 collections), but a solid version can be had for $1,100.

These creepers are currently something of an It Shoe amongst the street style set. Will gargantuan braids or Mondrian-adorned handbags be next? I certainly hope so. I feel Janelle and her fabulous personal style are both largely under-appreciated in her native US, and I’m glad Paris is giving her the front row treatment she so richly deserves.


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