Bella Hadid Wears Minimal Styles for Exit Cover Story


Bella Hadid on Exit Magazine Spring 2016 CoverBella Hadid on Exit Magazine Spring 2016 Cover

Top model Bella Hadid is back in the spotlight once again for the spring 2016 cover of Exit Magazine. Photographed by David Roemer, Bella gets her closeup wearing a slicked back hairstyle and natural-looking makeup in a Calvin Klein Collection top. Stylist Sam Ranger selects minimal yet embellished looks for the brunette to wear. From a Victoria Beckham slip dress to a silver gown by Paul Smith, Bella captivates in one image to the next. / Hair by Nao, Makeup by Zoe Taylor


Photographed by David Roemer, Bella Hadid poses in minimal looksPhotographed by David Roemer, Bella Hadid poses in minimal looks(Left) Bella Hadid models a silver Paul Smith gown (Right) Bella models dangled earrings from Chanel Fine Jewellery(Left) Bella Hadid models a silver Paul Smith gown (Right) Bella models dangled earringsfrom Chanel Fine Jewellery(Left) Bella Hadid shows some skin in a Versus Versace dress (Right) Bella wears silver Moschino dress(Left) Bella Hadid shows some skin in a Versus Versace dress (Right) Bella wears silver Moschino dress(Left) Bella sits in a Victoria Beckham slip dress (Right) The model wears a Celine camisole top with black lace(Left) Bella sits in a Victoria Beckham slip dress (Right) The model wears a Celine camisoletop with black lace


Bella Hadid stars in Joe's Jeans spring 2016 campaignBella Hadid stars in Joe’s Jeans spring 2016 campaign

In addition to landing fashion magazine covers, Bella Hadid can also be seen in the spring-summer 2016 campaign from Joe’s Jeans. The American model wears premium denim and casual t-shirts photographed by Anthony Mandler.

Bella Hadid stars in Joe's Jeans spring 2016 campaignBella Hadid stars in Joe’s Jeans spring 2016 campaign

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Unofficial lip filler ambassadress Kylie Jenner. Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty ImagesUnofficial lip filler ambassadress Kylie Jenner.

Despite the media's scandalized reaction when Kylie Jenner finally admitted to having lip fillers last May, lip augmentation procedures have exploded inpopularity over the past few years — especially for people in the 20- to 30-year-old age range. The tools and methods of lip enhancement have advanced to the point where almost everything is reversible and the risk of allergic reaction, especially for injectables, is almost zero. We spoke to a dermatologist and a surgeon to get all the details on lip augmentation for those considering it. Temporary lip fillers are the best option for those new to the plumping process, so we have focused our explainer exclusively on that approach unless noted otherwise.

Read on for everything you'll need to know before, during and after lip augmentation treatments. 


"It's science and art when it comes to lip injections," says Dr. Marina Peredo, a board-certified dermatologist who has offices in Manhattan and Long Island. "My expression is: it's not what's in the needle, it's who is behind the needle." The lips are one of the most delicate parts of the face and require the attention of a doctor with many years of experience. Dr. Peredo advises to do research online, listen to recommendations from friends and avoid Groupon deals or anything shady. Dr. Jeffrey B. Wise, a board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon with offices in Manhattan at JTAV Clinical Skincare and New Jersey, agrees. "It's important to ensure that the doctor is board-certified. I think someone who concentrates exclusively on facial aesthetics is probably a plus." Check online reviews, too. "It's not a guarantee, but it's certainly an indication that that doctor does generally good work."

Dr. Peredo says many patients bring in pictures of Angelina Jolie's famous pout to illustrate the look they want. Photo: Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty ImagesDr. Peredo says many patients bring in pictures of Angelina Jolie's famous pout to illustrate the look they want. 


"Generally speaking in 2016, most people inject the hyaluronic acid compound and those consist of brand names like Juvederm, Restylane, Restylane Silk or Belotero — there are tons out there but those are the big ones right now," says Dr. Wise. He favors Juvederm Ultra Plus because it's smooth and predictable, while Dr. Peredo likes to use Juvederm and/or Restylane Silk, depending on the patient's goals. Hyaluronic acids have a gel-like quality to them and fill in deficient volume in the lips. They are natural and very safe — Dr. Wise says out of the 25,000 to 50,00 people that he's injected, no one has had an allergic reaction. The brand names are essentially all the same, so Dr. Peredo says they have different personalities. She uses Juvederm for volume and Restylane Silk to add structure, especially for older patients who want more definition on the lining of the lip or vermilion border. "I call it a lipstick in a syringe, so when it's injected into the lip itself it will not necessarily make the lips fuller, but it will make the lips very, very smooth," she says. 

The body breaks down the acids slowly over time. Dr. Wise says patients usually come back to see him five or six months after their last treatment, but it can be as early as three depending on your body. Dr. Peredo puts the timeline at six to nine months. She says injectables in the lining last longer over time because the body is spurred to increase collagen production, while volume injections in the body of the lip don't have a cumulative affect.


If you want the lip filler removed faster for whatever reason — say you don't like the look — a doctor can inject a compound called hyaluronidase, which immediately reverses the effects. 

And, if you decide to discontinue using lip fillers, your lips won't look like deflated sausages. "Generally speaking, [after] whatever augmentation you might get from a lip filler, the lip and the lining of the lip retracts back to its normal shape," says Dr. Wise. It just depends on how long it takes for your body to break down the hyaluronic acid.


Not that painful. Most doctors apply a topical anesthetic beforehand and there is often a bit of anesthetic in the needle itself. Dr. Peredo says she might only need to do four to six injections if a patient just wants volume, while attention to the lining of the lip could require more pricks — somewhere around 20. 

The procedure depends completely on the doctor, and Dr. Wise uses a different approach. "We actually don't use needles: we use something called canulas," he says. A canula is a blunt device or tube that looks like a needle but isn't sharp. After inserting two tiny needle sticks into the corners of the mouth, he introduces micro-canulas that glide through a special plane of lip. It sounds complicated but Dr. Wise says "it's quite comfortable" and results in less swelling and bruising.


No matter the technique doctors use, there is a degree of swelling and sometimes bruising. But it should only last a few days, a week at the very most. Dr. Peredo says it's not a good idea to get lip fillers a week before a big event; give the lips time to settle. She recommends no alcohol, exercise or kissing for 48 hours. Dr. Wise recommends sleeping slightly elevated for a few days and always prescribes homeopathic preparations like arnica montana to help the bruising and swelling resolve faster. Both said cold compresses help, too. 


The best way to avoid looking like a Real Housewife of Sausage-Lip City is to ease into lip filling and always maintain proportion and balance. This is why it's key you find an experienced injector: Dr. Wise says that naturally, the bottom lip is two-thirds bigger than the top lip and that ratio needs to be maintained as you add fullness. Symmetry is also important. "The sides of the face could be sisters, but the sides of the lips have to be twins — if you are a little bit off it's really noticeable," says Dr. Peredo, who has turned away patients who have wanted too much filler.

Both doctors also recommended conservative doses in early visits, advising patients to come back a few weeks after their first session to confirm they like the look and understand how much amplification they actually want. 


The cost of each treatment varies by doctor, geographical location and complexity of the procedure. In Manhattan, where prices are always higher, the doctors estimate the cost to run anywhere between $600 to $2,000 per treatment. (A single treatment could constitute multiple sessions, especially in those earlier visits, says Dr. Peredo.) Regardless, it's a pricey habit. 


For those committed to lip enhancement for the long term, a permanent solution is both more economical and less time-consuming. Patients would need to see a surgeon like Dr. Wise, who favors solid silicone lip implants from the brand PermaLip. The implants come in three volume sizes that can be adjusted for the length of the mouth and he inserts them through a two-millimeter incision in each corner of the mouth. Dr. Wise uses local anesthesia and patients can expect more swelling and bruising than with temporary fillers. The silicone can last a lifetime but a full removal isn't a big production because unlike silicone or fat injections, it's a solid piece that can be removed the same way it was inserted and in a matter of minutes. "[The implants are] a lot more popular than they used to be because they are so fully reversible," says Dr. Wise. Lip implant prices range from $3,000 to $5,000.

In conclusion: if you have the money and are more than a little bit curious about how your lips would look fuller or more defined, now's a pretty good time to try lip augmentation. Odds are, more than a few people you know already have. 

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Sexy & Free: Victoria’s Secret Introduces New Bralette Collection


Victoria's Secret introduces bralette collection featuring bras with no paddingVictoria’s Secret introduces bralette collection featuring bras with no padding

Victoria’s Secret has introduced a brand new bralette collection featuring styles and five color choices. The accompanying campaign images and television commercial star Angels Elsa Hosk, Taylor Hill and Martha Hunt. What’s the difference between a bralette and bra? A bralette is unlined with no padding and can be worn as a cute top by itself or underneath regular clothing. From high-necklines to deep plunges, take a look at all the new lingerie styles below from Victoria’s Secret.


Elsa Hosk models Victoria's Secret long line braletteElsa Hosk models Victoria’s Secret long line braletteTaylor Hill models Victoria's Secret racerback braletteTaylor Hill models Victoria’s Secret racerback braletteMartha Hunt models Victoria's Secret seamless cutout braletteMartha Hunt models Victoria’s Secret seamless cutout bralette
Martha Hunt is all smiles for Victoria's SecretMartha Hunt is all smiles for Victoria’s SecretTaylor Hill turns up the heat in Victoria's Secret braletteTaylor Hill turns up the heat in Victoria’s Secret braletteElsa Hosk and Taylor Hill wear Victoria's Secret's new bralette collectionElsa Hosk and Taylor Hill wear Victoria’s Secret’s new bralette collection


Taylor Hill stars in Victoria's Secret part 3 swim 2016 catalogTaylor Hill stars in Victoria’s Secret part 3 swim 2016 catalog

And just in case you missed it, here’s a look at the Angels in part 3 of the Victoria’s Secret Swim catalog. Photographed in St. Barth, Taylor Hill, Elsa Hosk, Candice Swanepoel, Josephine Skriver, Sara Sampaio and more soaked up the sun in colorful bikini styles.

Elsa Hosk stars in Victoria's Secret Swim 2016 catalog Elsa Hosk stars in Victoria’s Secret Swim 2016 catalog

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The Calvin Klein ad in question. Photo: Harley Weir for Calvin KleinThe Calvin Klein ad in question. Photo: Harley Weir for Calvin Klein

When Calvin Klein released the most recent advertisements for its spring 2016 global campaign, we were the first to admit that the brand pushed the envelope of provocativeness much further than what we've seen in the past. (The best way we can describe it is, uh, "insanely sexual.") And while the campaign has certainly garnered heavy attention and online traffic, one particular image faces criticism — as well as a request for removal from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE).

The ad in question features Klara Kristin in what's recognized as an "upskirt" shot. (Women who travel on city public transport are disappointingly all too familiar with this situation.) According to the NCOSE, the image, shot by female photographer Harley Weir, continues to normalize and glamorize sexual harassment. Executive Director Dawn Hawkins has provided the following statement:

"Once again, Calvin Klein has used a depiction of sexual harassment or assault in its advertisements. The American fashion house has continued to stand by its most recent ad campaign, not-so-subtly entitled Erotica [Ed note: According to a spokesperson for Calvin Klein, there is no official "name" for this campaign], despite the backlash over its glamorized depiction of an "up-skirting" victim. Up-skirting is a growing trend of sexual harassment where pictures are taken up a woman's skirt without her knowledge, or without her consent. Not only is this activity a crime in many states like New York, Washington, Florida, and more, but it is also a disturbing breach of privacy and public trust. By normalizing and glamorizing this sexual harassment, Calvin Klein is sending a message that the experiences of real-life victims don't matter, and that it is okay for men to treat the woman standing next to them on the metro as available pornography whenever they so choose. We are calling on Calvin Klein to not only remove this offensive ad, but also to suspend its Erotica advertisement campaign, and to issue an apology to victims of sexual harassment or assault everywhere."

We reached out to representatives for Calvin Klein for comment on this matter. NCOSE has also started a petition in hopes that the American fashion house will remove the campaign and issue an apology.

Update, 5/13/16: Fashion photographer Harley Weir, who shot the campaign, told the Associated Press on Thursday that she's "really happy" with her work. As for everyone's reactions, "I love it," she said.

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Romy Van De Laar stars in Cosmopolitan Mexico's April issueRomy Van De Laar stars in Cosmopolitan Mexico’s April issue

The April 2016 issue of Cosmopolitan Mexico embraces youthful looks with this editorial called, ‘Neololita’. Model Romy Van de Laar poses for Vladimir Marti in a mix of pretty pastels and denim separates for the playful spread.

Styled by Debora Traitè, the blonde wears everything from sporty bomber jackets to distressed denim for a Barbie perfect wardrobe. For beauty, hair and makeup artist Marta Blasi creates Romy’s pink eyeshadow and polished waves.

Photographed by Vladimir Marti, the model wears youthful looks including heart-shaped sunglasses, a Mango top and distressed jeans by Elisabetta FranciPhotographed by Vladimir Marti, the model wears youthful looks including heart-shapedsunglasses, a Mango top and distressed jeans by Elisabetta FranciThe model tries on pink eyeshadow with a Mango denim jacketThe model tries on pink eyeshadow with a Mango denim jacketRomy wears a headband with a pink bow and pastel-colored jacketRomy wears a headband with a pink bow and pastel-colored jacketRomy wears striped t-shirt and pencil skirtRomy wears striped t-shirt and pencil skirtThe model poses with a pink star while wearing pastel makeup shadesThe model poses with a pink star while wearing pastel makeup shadesRomy gets sporty in pink wearing a visor hat, bomber jacket, crop top and matching pantsRomy gets sporty in pink wearing a visor hat, bomber jacket, crop top and matching pants

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Babe city. Photo: NYLON/Daria Kobayashi Ritch.

If you thought fashion's fascination with famous offspring was limited to ladies, think again: Dylan Jagger Lee, son of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee is the latest celebrity kid to nab industry attention.

Of course, it probably helps that he's already served as muse to Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent, starring in a video campaign for the brand just last February. Still, Nylon tapped Lee to star in his own editorial in the May issue, and in the accompanying interview, he talks all about his famous parents. (Apparently, Mötley Crüe songs were his lullabies and he's never seen an episode of "Baywatch.") It's also worth nothing that another celebrity offspring-turned-model, Anwar Hadid, has Nylon to thank for his first fashion spread as well, which was featured in the Oct. 2015 issue.

Daria Kobayashia Ritch shot Lee wearing — what else? — Saint Laurent in Venice Beach, and it's not hard to see why Next Models signed him: The kid is a natural. Check out the Peditorial below.

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