Montegrappa Pirates watch is just ideal for Captain Jack Sparrow

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Italian luxury brand Montegrappa is known for making writing instruments and wristwatches with polarizing and unique designs. After creating the outlandish Chaos and My Guardian Angel watches, Montegrappa has now introduced another flamboyant watch with an over-decorated case. Meet the Montegrappa Pirates watch, a timepiece designed to accompany the limited-edition pen with the same name in brand’s popular Cult Collection. The case is embellished with precious metal overlays that reproduce the motifs of buccaneer culture, quite similar to the ones found on the Pirates pen. Although the watch’s launch coincides with the release of the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales film, it might or might not be coincidental.

The Montegrappa Pirates watch comes with a 43mm case made in die-cast sterling silver and is available in two versions. The first one is in all silver and the other version is silver with vermeil yellow gold highlights. The watch is powered by ETA 2824 automatic movement and is fitted with genuine stingray leather strap which matches the overall theme. The Montegrappa Pirates watches will be produced in limited editions of 88 pieces each. The all silver version is priced at $4200 and the one with gold accents is available for $4500.

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Cartier Icons: Santos de Cartier

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Google ‘world’s first wristwatch’ and depending on which page you land on, you’ll read at least 3 different stories from 3 distinct brands claiming that theirs was indeed the first. And while there’s no way to verify which has the more accurate story, no one can argue that the Santos de Cartier is the most enduring of them all since its creation back in 1904. A true icon in its own right, it was created specially for famed Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos Dumont, who told Louis Cartier he needed a better way to tell time while he was in flight.

The rest, as they say, is history, and walk into any Cartier boutique today and you’ll find two lines of the Santos watch that’s still in production. The first, the Santos-Dumont, has a collection of watches that are similar in design to the one the Brazilian aviator wore, while the Santos 100 is the thicker, sportier model that comes with exposed screws.


As for myself, I’ve always been a fan of the Santos 100, and having it tried it more than once, I’m still drawn to its geometric shape accented with exposed screws. One of those rare pieces that won’t look out of place on your wrist whether you’re dressed up or down, the Santo 100 now comes in variety of finishes, from full steel case and bezel, to another in full steel adorned with a 18K yellow gold bezel. Then there is the latest iteration, the Santos 100 in all-black ADLC that’s shown above.


And if you want to know the one I’ve set my heart one, it’s this, the Santos 100 steel that makes my heart beat ever so quickly whenever I lay eyes on it. A beautiful beast of a timepiece, I’ll just have to cough out theSGD9600 needed to bring this baby home and wear for a long, long time. After all, if has been around for 113 years, this true icon will have no problem being relevant (and sought after) for a hundred more.


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Ni Ni wears glittered sunglasses in Gucci's spring 2017 eyewear campaign

Ni Ni wears glittered sunglasses in Gucci’s spring 2017 eyewear campaign

Luxury fashion brand Gucci has tapped Chinese actress Ni Ni for its spring 2017 eyewear campaign. The advertisements will launch in Asia next month. Captured by Glen Luchford, the star poses in the back of a car for the moody shots. With rain-drenched windows and neon lights in the background, Ni Ni shines in optical and sunglass styles. One shot featured pink glittered frames while another spotlights oversized cat eye sunglasses with tiger embellishments at the temple.


Chinese actress Ni Ni stars in Gucci's spring 2017 advertising campaignChinese actress Ni Ni stars in Gucci’s spring 2017 advertising campaignNi Ni wears oversized cat frames in Gucci's spring 2017 eyewear campaignNi Ni wears oversized cat frames in Gucci’s spring 2017 eyewear campaign

Shop Gucci Eyewear:

Gucci Cat Eye Sunglasses in BlackEmbrace a classic frame style – Gucci Cat Eye Sunglasses in Black

Gucci Oversize Cat Eye Sunglasses in TortoiseshellYou can never go wrong with tortoiseshell – Gucci Oversize Cat Eye Sunglasses in TortoiseshellGucci Square Frame Glitter in Brown/Pink OmbreShine with this glittery style – Gucci Square Frame Glitter in Brown/Pink Ombre

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Tiffany & Co. Paloma’s Groove Collection

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As if we needed another reason to love Tiffany & Co., what with their pretty robin egg blue boxes and delightfully enchanting jewellery pieces, here comes a new collection even the menfolk can surely appreciate. Simply known as Paloma’s Groove, it is designer Paloma Picasso’s ode to the men in our lives, graphic and handsome in a way that your man can appreciate, what with its well-placed grooves and tactile quality.


Available in full selection of jewellery pieces from a cuff and cufflinks to pendants and even rings that come in 2 different widths, they come in 18K yellow and rose gold, along with sterling silver (for the more wallet-conscious, of course) and even brushed titanium for a finish that’s truly something that must have been created just for me.

Starting from SGD385 for the narrow ring in sterling silver, prices peak at SGD4900for a pair of 18K gold cufflinks, which thankfully for me, doesn’t matter because I’m almost never in a proper dress shirt.


And here they are, the titanium rings that I love love love. Now if I can only get the mister to also wear a matching one as me, I’ll be as happy as a lark.

As if we needed another reason to love Tiffany & Co.

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Hermès Rose-Gold Collier de Chien In Barenia, Black Epsom & English Green Epsom

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One never needs a reason to blog about Hermès, especially here on Bagaholicboy, and tonight’s #diediemustbuy #wristparty #musthaves that will torture me to no end (until I own them, of course) is this gorgeous trio of Collier de Chien bracelets that are frankly a cut above the rest.

Besides being in the 3 colours I adore the most (there’s Barenia, there’s classic Blackand then there’s English Green, because who doesn’t love a deep dark green, right?), they all come adorned with the most fitting of cherries on the top: rose-gold plated hardware, which I think is still the best thing Hermès ever introduced since the invention of ice-cream. I know, I’m not making any sense, since no one actually needs 3 bracelets all at once (but I do), considering how we only have two wrists anyway, right?

For those of you lucky enough to chance upon any of these beauties (I did happen to see the RGHW Collier de Chien in Barenia at Liat Hermès a couple of weeks back), you should also know that they are now priced at SGD1850 a pop. And for those of you travelling anytime soon, the Collier de Chien is priced at USD1150 in the States,GBP780 in the United Kingdom and EUR975 in Europe. And if anyone is heading down under soon, it’s priced at AUD1670 in Australia.

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Cartier goes bold and untouchable with new cactus-inspired jewellery range

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Cartier cactus jewellery (2)

Cartuier cactus jewellery (1)
The desert-themed collection was launched in a unique setting. A vast open space off Avenue Franklin Roosevelt next to the River Seine in Paris displayed each piece of jewellery in mirrored viewing booths. The items were placed delicately on desert landscapes made from orange sand piles. Guests relished on these pieces by savouring on green foie-gras balls dipped in nuts and other hors d’oeuvres which the waiters circulated. Dinner by “twice Michelin-starred Lisbon chef José Avillez”, was later served.
Cartuier cactus jewellery (3)

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